Friday 1 July 2016

浪淘沙 辛棄疾

浪淘沙 山寺夜半闻鐘  辛棄疾(1140-1207)


Lang Tao Sha    Mountain Temple Bell Tolls at Midnight      
Xin Qiji (1140-1207)

Sorrows and dismals, all the miseries of my life through the wine cup I’ve guzzled,
All my life patriotic endeavours for nation and country proved futile,
From of old there have only been just a few heroes,
Drown by the turbulences of the times leaving only a few remain extolled,
The founding Emperor of Han and the First Emperor of Qin just to name a couple,
Reliving my youthful dreams ambitiouly grand and fanciful,
In singing and dancing sprees I reveled,
Presently at midnight an old monk had the temple bell mistolled,
From my grand youthful dreams I am boggled,
Anon up a sweeping west wind hurls,
Shattering all my fond dreams sleeplessly I lie shaken up as if my life ambitions are all foiled.



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